GPF Educational Programme

Our commitment to education

At its core the Guernsey Photography Festival has always been an organisation dedicated to education. It plays a crucial role in growing our audience every year.

It also helps both children and adults to understand how important art and culture are, not only for self-development but also for the development of our own society.

Over 100 post-16 students from different colleges studying photography from both Jersey and Guernsey have been invited in collaborating through a series of workshops lead by award winning international photographers. All the students are now meeting up during the opening weekend in Guernsey and with the help of our guest photographers, will finalise their personal projects based on the theme of the festival: FICTION/NON FICTION.

Their show will then be presented in an exciting multi media presentation on the 20th of September and will become a touring printed exhibition in 2017.

The project provides a unique opportunity for the lucky participants to work with internationally renowned contemporary photographers through a series of world-class exhibitions, talks and workshops during the Guernsey Photography Festival.

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