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Aaron Yeandle

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The fear of gun crime, especially with terror attacks at an all time high. In the UK there are strict restrictions on what kind of guns can be bought and by whom. Yeandle decided to photograph people who shoot guns for sport or for amusement in Guernsey. This idea has developed into a long-term project, which explores the relationship between people and their guns. It delves into the world of fiction and nonfiction, leading me on a photographic journey. It reveals adults who play army guns in the woods to serious marksmen, whose only goals are to test their proficiency accuracy and speed.


Aaron Yeandle is a Guernsey-based, freelance photographer who has exhibited nationally and internationally. His education includes a BA (Hons) in photography, MA in Fine Art and a PGCE. He has worked at various Colleges and Universities in a myriad of positions. www.aaronyeandle.com


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