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Richard James
A guide to Guernsey's car parks

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GPF is proud to announce a new series of exhibitions encouraging local photographers to exhibit alongside international artists.


 "Guernsey doesn't have a traffic problem; it has a parking problem." There are more vehicles registered in Guernsey than there are people. The island's geography is dominated by the infrastructure necessary to accommodate them and car parks are part of that. Coupled with that, the ability to park for free is seen by many as an inalienable right, with attempts to introduce payment fiercely resisted. In Guernsey, car parks are therefore politically and socially important; this project is an exploration of the relationship that islanders have with them.


Richard James lives and works in Guernsey. He is a fine art graduate and previously worked as a freelance documentary photographer and writer, based in Tokyo. www.rgjames.com


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